Workmates Core2Cloud: Handholding Businesses in their Cloud Journey

CIO Vendor Cloud technology was already getting excellent traction in the marketplace, but the outbreak of COVID-19 has phenomenally accelerated its adoption across multiple industries. It has now become an utmost necessity for businesses to migrate onto a cloud environment to stay relevant to current disruptions in the market place. These businesses are slowly becoming aware of the various benefits cloud migration can obtain, especially in terms of security, productivity, and efficiency, hence making it more comfortable for them to meet every business goal.

However, getting it right is the most vital aspect that will determine whether a business can reap every benefit of cloud migration. Hence, it is pretty easy to get things wrong. The foremost would be the people and process that has to withstand the change and adapt perfectly and how legacy systems would be connected with the cloud applications. Another inherent complexity arises while directing one business objective with a cloud strategy. At the same time, the essential aspect would be the cost-effectiveness of the whole process and how better the ROI generation will be.

Hence, for seamless transitions/migration, a robust consulting partner is needed who can handhold one’s business through every step of the client’s cloud journey. Similarly, one company that befits every requirement is a Kolkata based Workmates Core2Cloud. This company is AWS Advanced consulting partner and a leading cloud management company that already has a strong foothold across the eastern region and is further spreading its roots across the sub-continent.

Perfection Guaranteed
As an AWS, a market leader in this segment , partner, Workmates ensures every parameter is checked and looked upon with the highest expertise. Hence, before onboarding any client, they make a detailed analysis of the existing business process and decides the workflow accordingly. Their setups for servers and resources are executed with such expertise that enables clients to get better support in a lesser price. The core belief of Workmates is on customer success and a unification of their business objective with the delivery framework with the energetic team of engineers who are practically an extension of the customer workforce.
“As flexibility is one crucial factor that businesses expect while moving onto a cloud environment, Workmates offer numerous options when it concerns cloud infrastructure. And when it comes to the most important parameter, i.e. security, the company takes all best practices steps starting from defining the right architecture, publishing regular patches to production and also consulting on making the environment a zero trust one from a cyber security framework perspective. And while talking about reliability and availability, we exploit the full plethora of AWS services who is the market leader and has a global infrastructure to provide high availability for any sort of cloud workload,” highlights Basanta Kumar Rana, CoFounder of the company.

Workmates' combination of AWS certified solution expertise coupled with SAP + Microsoft workload expertise brings the robust solution diverse customer landscapes

Going Extra Mile
Workmates' combination of AWS certified solution expertise coupled with SAP + Microsoft workload expertise brings the robust solution diverse customer landscapes. Workmates also bring highly scalable, elastic, and secure cloud services to content production, storage, processing, and distribution. And, with Machine Learning and Analytics embedded throughout the media value chain, one can make smarter content investments, better monetization of content library, and delight users with personalized experiences.

Furthermore, their expert team members help the SAP customers to choose the right infra on AWS for HANA and Non-HANA environment. This results in rapid innovation, tech refresh, cost reduction, business expansion, resilience and performance, security, and compliance, among others.

“In just two years span, we have already aided 110+ of our niche clients across various industry domains to seamlessly migrate and reap the benefits of our managed services. We are constantly automating and evolving our capabilities to provide the best-in-standard services for our clients’ businesses, and by 2021, we are poised to have PAN India presence” concludes Basanta.