AVASOFT: Ensuring a Seamless Cloud Migration Experience

CIO Vendor Cloud is reshaping the IT landscape with every company migrating mission critical applications to the cloud. This has led to a deduction in IT costs, increased operational efficiency and greater business agility. Enterprises unwilling to migrate to the cloud will be doing so at their own peril. However, like everything, cloud migration poses its own set of challenges. Data security, interoperability, time, automated data testing and the ability to run systems written for one environment in another environment are some of the topmost challenges that need to be mitigated.

Coming to the fore is AVASOFT, with their advanced AVAMIGRATRON product that promises effective and flexible migration with business continuity. “The product is the comprehensive office 365 migration product and the only company which covers the key scenarios of IBM connection to office 365 and Dynamics AX on premise to Dynamics AX Office 365 operations migration.

AVAMIGRATRON also has the ability to migrate lotus notes to office 365 and SharePoint on premise to Office 365,” reveals Radhakrishnan RAV, CEO, AVASOFT. It addresses the issue of interoperability by scanning the content to identify the scope of migration. Meeting distributed environment requirements, the AVAMIGRATRON product is built on a loosely coupled design and using Web API driven framework. This permits the solution to run on multiple instances simultaneously enabling the migration of a phenomenal amount of data rapidly. One such instance was when AVASOFT worked with one of their clients to migrate 2TB of data in three weeks, adhering to a challenging deadline.

Additionally, understanding that cyber attacks are on the rise and could potentially cripple a business if executed perfectly, AVASOFT has nurtured the skill of securing content that is in
the cloud and sent through the internet by adopting strict governance policies. This includes multi layer firewall authentication, dedicated and secured VPN tunneling with the cloud service provider, and encrypting the data that is being sent and received through the internet. A key part of the migration method is the automated validation of the data post migration using AVAMIGRATRON using a set of proprietary scripts ensuring the integrity of the migrated data.

The company leverages their Microsoft GOLD certified partnership to solve complex problems that may arise during the migration process

AVASOFT, a product and solutions company with their team of highly skilled personnel is headquartered in Pennsylvania with offices in Malaysia and India. The company leverages their Microsoft GOLD certified partnership to solve complex problems that may arise during the migration process. The company caters to SMBs and large enterprises with solutions in the areas of Office Automation, Social computing, Mobile and Cloud computing using Microsoft Products and Platforms with access to all products and updates first hand. With almost a decade-long experience, AVASOFT has worked with renowned companies across a gamut of verticals like Insurance, Financial services, Manufacturing, Services, Non-profit, Government and Healthcare.

Discovering that this domain has a promising future, AVASOFT’s NextGen migration methodology is applying Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence-based framework/methodologies to reduce the go to market time and cost for cloud migrations. Radhakrishnan signs off on a positive note saying,"In five years, true to our motto, we will shape the NextGen in the cloud solution provider space.”